SEA-KLEAR Chlorine-Free Shock

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Sea-Klear Chlorine-Free Shock; MPS - a heavieroxidizer that promotes quick water recovery from heavy bather loads or for those times we slack off on maintenance.

100% pure, potassium monopersulfate compound. Nodyes, fillers or other additives. This is pure MPS, containing no buffers or stabilizers.

Sea-Klear Chlorine-Free Shock granulartreatment removes contaminants that cloud hot tub water. It works faster than other oxidizers and won't form chloramines. Used for cloudy water, mild odor, and heavy bather loads.

Remove ahhNatural bag from spa, follow instructions on bottle, and run jets for 1 hour. Replace bag. You may use this product while having houseguests preventively and to help hot tub water recover faster. You can also usedouble the dose before changing spa water seasonally or when returningfrom vacation. Do not over use. * DO NOT use simultaneously with spaperfect, or SeaKlear.