Important Links

This link is for consumer reviews written by people who have gotton seriously sick from thier mattresses. Great reading BEFORE you buy a new toxic mattress.


The Environmental Working Group. Fantastic website with tons of information on chemicals and health. Watch the movie Ten Americans.


Nana Baker is author of "The Body Toxic" - a very imformative investigation into the chemical load our bodies carry as a result of toxic household products we are exposed to everyday.


Great website for EMF Information and Radiation Protection Diet


If you are a mom feeling all alone in your quest to provide your family with the healthiest environment possible, please check out Mothering.coms incredible discussion boards. Many thousands of women from all over the world support each other through natural parenting.


Some of the previous articles were borrowed from Dr. Mercola website. If you are looking for more information - he has got lots. Please visit


Great (and scary) article in Discover Magazine on Plastics
(this includes information about Bisphenol A effecting 3 generations of women by going through the placenta into an unborn babies future eggs)


This link provides information on toxic cars and child carseats. Includes ratings on which seats are best and worst.


On an interconnected note....If you have not yet seen Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" - make a point to see this movie. Every person on earth needs to become aware and learn how to do thier part to slow global warming. Check out his website......


A great website for finding Non-GMO foods


An online resource that shares critical information on the dangers of asbestos. Here you can find lists of products commonly known to contain asbestos, and look up the history of asbestos exposure in specific job sites and companies.