Welcome to Organic Grace!

Contact us in Garberville, California, for

  • organic and natural latex mattresses
  • organic cotton and wool bedding
  • non-toxic baby nursery
  • healthy kitchenware and food preserving supplies
  • composting toilets
  • air purifiers
  • American clay plasters
  • a complete line of AFM Safecoat non-toxic building products & sealants

We have seven different models of organic mattresses and natural latex mattresses on the floor to try out.

Our journey to selling organic mattresses and other healthy home products began while researching how to create a non-toxic nursery while pregnant with our daughter, Grace. The things we found out about carcinogenic chemicals used in standard mattresses shocked us. We knew we did not want our precious child to spend 1/3 of her life breathing in those toxic fumes. An organic mattress was our best option.

Read more about why we think organic products are so important here.