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Foot Spider Handle & Spider Handle 

The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is perfect wherever a toilet is needed. This toilet can be used in homes, on boats, RVs, cabins, sheds, off-grid residences, barns, pool change rooms, cottages, garages, workshops and more. This toilet is easy to empty and does not emit odor. It works by separating fluids to the front bottle compartment and directs solids to the attached base. Turn agitator handle 3 to 4 times after each use to maintain the anaerobic digestion process. The base holds between 60 and 80 uses per cycle. There is no need to clean after dumping as anything left helps restart the composting, just add your bulking agent (digestor additive). The Nature's Head Composting Toilet had a molded seat for comfort and is extremely durable, made from polyethylene.

Installing and Using a Nature's Head

Although the concept of a composting head (toilet) is not a new one, the unit which you have purchased is the freshest of the new generation of this kind of product.

Our designers and their wives, all sailors with many years of boating experience, used earlier versions of composting toilets on their boats. They saw a need for an improved design and more user-friendly product. The concept has been refined and reworked to provide you with a product that is easier to use, aesthetically pleasing, more space-efficient, and more affordable alternative to other products. While designed to withstand the rigors of the boating environment, the NATURE'S HEAD toilet is well suited for many other applications.

Easy Installation!

The Nature’s Head is easy to install; the unit attaches to the floor with two small l brackets. There is one ventilation hose to run outside and one 12volt power hook-up for a small computer type fan. The unit could even be run completely powerless by running the vent hose to a solar vent.

Complete installation instructions are found here, may be downloaded using the links at the right, and are included with your toilet. Wherever you choose to install your new NATURE'S HEAD toilet, it is sure to provide you with years of worry-free sanitation solutions without the hassles, inconvenience, and odors of other sanitation systems.

No Pump-Outs, No Porta-Potties to Empty!

Unlike any other type of toilet, the longer you let a composting toilet sit, the better it will smell when it's time to empty it. No more having to deal with pump-outs or smelly portable-potties at the end of your long weekend. The longer a composting toilet sits the more time it has to do its job.


Out toilet is very economical to operate; there are NO chemicals to buy. We purchased a bale of peat moss from Lowe's more than two years ago for $10.00 and we're still using it.

Easy Empty!

When it's time to empty your toilet simply flip the two latches on the sides and lift the upper section up a few inches. Put the lid on the liquid bottle and lift it out of its holder. To empty the main tank un-hook the 12 volt power connector and the vent hose and then slide the upper section off its open ended hinge. Undo the 2 thumb screws on the base and it's ready to empty. Because there are no liquids in the main tank, even full it is never heavy. The unit is sized so that a kitchen garbage bag will go over the end of the main tank. Simply flip it over and you're done. There is no need to clean the tank when you empty it, any left-over matter will help start the composting process all over again.


Dimensions: Total length 17.75, Total Height 19.92, Base 13.00 inches

Specifications & Features of Nature's Head Composting Toilets
  • 13 “ wide at the base.
  • 19” front to rear.
  • Overall height: 21”
  • Height to top of seat: 20”
  • Overall width, Spider handle: 17 3/4”
  • Overall width, Standard handle: 21”
  • Liquids bottle capacity: 2.2 gallons.

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***Don't forget to order Coir Fiber Bricks - you will need these as a bulking material 
and a 110 AC Adaptor if you are connecting to 110 power for the fan