Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector

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Protect your mattress with 100% waterproof organic cotton fabric, designed to create a cover for any mattress for futon. 100% waterproof, protect your mattress from accidents and spills.

Our fabric is 100% organic cotton and will shrink in hot water. Must be washed cold water only hand dry.

We craft each waterproof cover protector using 100% organic cotton fabric to protect your mattress and loved ones from moisture and accidents. Our tightly woven 100% organic cotton fabric is 12 oz jersey bonded to a 9 ounce jersey with the waterproofing in between the layers. This cover is completely 100% waterproof, nothing can get underneath it. Our durable and breathable organic cotton waterproof cover zips completely around your mattress, a must for every mattress or futon