Organic Cotton Quilted Baby Mattress Pads


Organic cotton inside and out! Our super absorbent organic cotton quilted pad is great to keep your baby mattress protected! Made with organic cotton batting that is quilted to the organic cotton damask fabric, allowing for this pad to be machine washed and dried with ease! Fourteen ounces of organic cotton per square yard provide enough absorbtion for most liquid messes your little one can make. Machine wash and dry on regular. Wash pad by itself. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the load to increase softeness. This pad lays flat on top of the baby mattress. Once the sheet is placed on top of the pad, shifting should not be an issue. We do recommend using this pad in conjunction with our wool puddle or moisture pad for ultimate protection and ease of use (the wool pad would add liquid resistance and requires minimal care). It would go on underneath the cotton pad and fitted sheet(so the order would be from botton to top: mattress, wool pad, cotton pad, and then fitted sheet)

Our pad is an exclusive design of organic needle punched batting carefully quilted between 2 layers of our organic cotton damask we use on all our fine organics. This creates a fairly thin pad that is easy to care for. Machine Wash & Dry.


Price: $48.00