Shredded Natural Latex Pillow by Purerest


Small pieces of natural latex inside an organic cotton casing make up this popular
pillow. Many love the feel of the springiness and movability of the natural rubber pieces. Great support without ear pressure. You can tuck it under your neck, around your head... Also great for pets and kids. 

Our shredded natural rubber pillows are guaranteed to be only our tested pure Latex Green rubber. Instead of just shredding our mattress scrap, we buy super soft cores and hand shred so we can guarantee it to be softer than competitors and consistant, smaller pieces of rubber. We have the only machine wash/dry version in our organic European damask outer to make it durable enough for washing. Our knit outer version must be spot cleaned or lightly rinsed. Our knit outer version features a zipper so you can adjust the fill to your liking.

***Knit outer pictured

Damask Outer  (**** Standard & King size SOLD OUT)

$75  Queen

Knit Outer with Zipper

$70 Standard
$80  Queen
$90  King



Price: $65.00