Organic Wool - Latex Pillow


Filled with a blend of organic and natural wool fibers and shredded natural latex, this pillow combines the best qualities of both materials. The wool fiber promotes air circulation to prevent heat buildup, and latex gives the pillow a responsive, luxurious feel. Like our shredded latex and all-wool styles, these pillows are customizable. Simply unzip the inner and outer casings to remove any amount of fill you'd like.

Organic wool and latex in an organic cotton casing

Responsive Comfort

Our wool-latex pillow gives you the best of both worlds. The certified organic wool will help keep you cool while the latex gives the pillow responsive support. This pillow has an overall firm feel.

Customize Your Fill

Our customizable organic pillows come intentionally overstuffed. Remove as much fill as desired to adjust the height and overall feel of the pillow.

Pro Tip: Save the fill in case you’d like to add some back in later on!

Return Policy: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns of this item. Allowing returns would require us to spray our products with chemicals in order to "clean" and resell them, harming the purity of our natural materials. We thank you for your support and understanding. Organic Wool & Natural Latex We love using wool because it increases airflow so it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The addition of latex adds a luxurious, responsive element that also helps the pillow keep its shape. Removable Outer Casing You may handwash the outer organic cotton flannel pillowcase in cold water and line dry.

Standard: Length 25", Width 17"
Queen: Length 28", Width 18"
King: Length 35", Width 18"
(Measurements are approximate.)


Price: $139.00