Lifetime Wood Treatment



LifeTime Wood Treatment has been treating marinas, houses and decking for over 60 years with a recipe handed down through thre generations of wood-working craftsmen.

This product is unique to the world of stains. In this age of concern about our environment, both consumers and contractors are very receptive to products that are low-toxic and friendly to nature.

Lifetime Wood Treatment is an Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Wood Treatment that lasts a LIFETIME!

Non-Toxic - The natural substances penetrate the wood fibres, permanently modifying the wood structure. Independent laboratory testing confirms that LifeTime creates no harmful residue in soils and water. LifeTime is friendly to plants, animals and people and can be used in direct contact with garden soil.

Easy to Use - A powder concentrate available in 3.8 liter/1 gallon and 19 liter/5 gallon packages. Just mix with water. Apply to bare, untreated or pressure treated wood using normal application methods. An all-purpose treatment for all new wood without need for maintenance. There is no need to ever scrape, re-stain or worry about fading and wear.

Inexpensive - In powder form, LifeTime can be stored indefinitely. Because you only mix what you need, you will never have large amounts of LifeTime solution leftover. Because Lifetime comes in a powdered form, it is easily shippable.

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Price: $17.00