Harmony 4" Dunlop Topper


Soft natural latex in Savvy Rest's organic casing

The Harmony mattress topper is one 3" layer of Soft natural organic Dunlop latex in the Savvy Rest organic casing. 

GOTS-certified organic

Manufactured in a GOTS-certified facility 

Add to any mattress for extra cushioning and pressure relief

Total height: 4"

Organic Casing Our GOTS-certified organic Harmony topper includes the same organic casing as our customizable mattresses. The casing is made of certified organic cotton and certified organic wool batting.

Natural Latex

The Harmony mattress topper is customizable, so you can opt for either Dunlop or Talalay latex. Both types of natural latex come in Soft, Medium, and Firm options. If you're looking for a plush feel, we recommend Talalay latex. If you're looking to add an extra layer of support, Dunlop is your best friend.


Price: $799.00