Fermentation Pots




These fermenting pots have been made by skilled artisans in Poland, where the best vitrified clays are located and earthenware is unmatched in quality. Fermentation pots (also called Fermenting Crocks) have been used for hundreds of years as a way of naturally allowing foods to preserve in a salt/water brine. Homemade sauerkraut is widely recognized as an instrumental food in strengthening the immune system and general well-being. The lids on the fermentation pots are specially designed to allow the gases out without letting any spoiling oxygen in; so there is no messy surface scum to worry about.

We include the weights with each crock.....(usually these are sold seperately)

5 liter pot      $100

10 Liter Pot    $150

15 Liter Pot    $180

20 Liter Pot    $220

40 Liter Pot    $380


Price: $100.00