WattStopper Vacancy Sensors


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This sensor turns lights on automatically when you enter and off when you leave a room
- Ideal for bedroom, bathrooms, living and dining rooms
- Choice of automatic-ON or manual-ON operation
- Adjustable time delays and light level sensing
- Optional LED nightlight
- Optional dual relay model
- Available in white or light almond color
Universal application wall switch vacancy sensors replace standard wall switches and offer convenient, cost-effective energy savings throughout the home.  They use passive infrared (PIR) technology to sense the difference between infrared energy from a person in motion and the background space in order to detect when a space becomes vacant.  They operate as vacancy sensors when utilizing the preset factory setting for manual-ON operation. When programmed for automatic-ON operation, they operate as occupancy sensors as well.  A setup button and two adjustment trimpots are conveniently located behind the ON/OFF button and allow for a variety of additional control options such as manual or automatic-ON, time delay and light level sensing.  Universal application sensors can be used in virtually every room in a residence.  Homeowners can select appropriate ON/OFF mode, time delay and light level settings to maximize potential energy savings without compromising comfort or convenience.  The single switch sensor can be used in any space where residents want to select a specific time delay and where daylight contributions are significant.  The dual switch is ideal for spaces where simultaneous control of two different loads from a single location is desired, for example control of a bathroom light and exhaust fan.  For applications where a nightlight is desired, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, a built-in nightlight option illuminates the space when lighting is turned off.


Price: $23.80