Washing Your Organic Cotton

Keeping It Clean

Always check the tag on the garment, and follow its instructions for care.

Practice good laundering techniques for the best results. For instance, don’t overload the washer, make sure you sort clothes correctly, and use the appropriate amount of detergent.

Choose the warm setting on your washing machine, and sort like colors together. Organic fibers should never be bleached.

Set your dryer to “Tumble Dry” on the low setting. Dryer balls or tennis balls can aide the process when drying organic blankets.

If necessary, you can run a warm iron over the fabric to remove any wrinkles.

Because organic fabric uses eco-friendly dyes, a little extra care - just for the first few washes - can lock in colors and keep them from fading and bleeding. Specifically, do not wash dark and light colors together, and turn patterned clothes inside out. And the very first time you launder, add ¼ cup of vinegar to the final rinse water.