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Organic and Natural Stokke Mattress



Our 3" all natural rubber latex (no synthetics or chemicals!) with an all wool puddle pad outer (not pictured).
(Quilted style available in Junior size only)

Use with puddle pad to protect it for many years of comfort.

Ships in 1-2 weeks.....

FREE SHIPPING to the 48 states


Washable Wool Comforter

At last! We have found a Wool Comforter that is washable. Pure, natural, virgin wool covered in tightly woven organic cotton sateen.
(****This is NOT Organic Wool and has been cleaned with chlorine...)

Wash on cold. Air fluff (no heat) or line dry. 

***a note on these...we have been looking for these for a while - as my daughters wool comforter has gotten some pee (mostly, but not entirely, cat) on it over time, soaking through the removable cover (which is always recommended, washable comforter or not!). We had been trying the recommended vinegar and water in a spray bottle to deal with the staining and odor on the cotton outer, with limited success. We had better luck using a hydrogen peroxide bleach like that made by Ecover or Seventh Generation, but still coveted the washable wool. This is the 2nd brand "washable wool comforter we have tried. The first one did not wash up well and we could not in good conscious sell it. This one washed up great - on cold. But it barely fit in our washer. It did fit, but a queen or king would not have. I put it on air fluff in the dryer for about 50 minutes which did very little, and it is now hanging in our living room above the wood stove. It will probably take a full 24 hours to dry. I tell you this so you understand that although it is washable, care must be taken. It cannot just be thrown in the dryer on heat. It would be much more practical and quick to hang it on a line outside, letting the sun and wind dry it, but that does not always work in the middle of the winter. All in all, we are very happy with this comforter..... 

Twin 72 x 88

Queen  90 x 94

King 106 x 94


SALE! Cal-King Organic Boxspring - Split

We have a Cal-King size split Boxspring made by Vivetique covered with Organic Cotton - not treated with any chemicals. It was ordered for a customer who then changed her size. It was priced at $800, but I have seen them priced $1295 recently. We will sell this one for $400 to clear it out - plus shipping. We will get you a quote to your area. Or pick up in store and save the shipping.

1000 Coils 72 x 84 x 8" deep when put together


Organic Cotton Mattress Dustmite Barriers

Certified organic cotton dustmite barrier made by Pure-Rest has zippers on three sides for ease of use. It is a tightly woven 440 thread count organic fabric that has been heat pressed to tighten the fibers to a 6 micron opening (dust mites are 100 microns). This is the only completely chemical and dye free barrier I have found. FREE SHIPPING!

***This item may take 1 - 2 weeks to ship..... 

$125 Crib
$173 Twin
$191 XL Twin
$224 Full
$243 Queen
$274 King
$289 Cal King
***upcharge added for deeper covers