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Coyuchi Organic Air-weight Towels


Coyuchi bath linens are made with the same quality, care and fine detail as our bedding. Our towels are loomed from pure organic cotton, in colors drawn from earth, water and sky. Soft and thirsty, they're designed to dry quickly on the towel bar and in the dryer.

Bath Sheet, Bath Towel, Hand Towel & Wash Cloth:

Twill woven for softness and drape, these medium-weight towels (550 grams per square meter) wash easily and dry quickly. A rolled self-hem helps them hold their shape wash after wash.

Our cotton is 100% organic, and sourced and woven in India.

Wash Cloth  12 x 12     $8
Hand Towel  20 x 40     $18
Bath Towel  27 x 54      $48
Bath Sheet  35 x65       $58


Coyuchi Organic Cotton Crib Sheets


Coyuchi's organic high quality crib sheets are not only organic but they are Fair Trade as well. Choose from White Percale, French Blue Percale, Pale Ocean Percale, White Flannel or Natural Flannel. Fits standard crib mattress.



Organic Cotton Jersey Duvet



A well priced option for an organic cotton duvet cover. This organic jersey material is soft and stretchy - similiar to t-shirt material. Comes in Natural (Undyed), Alpine White, Blue Heather, Deep Blue Heather (NEW!), Pale Gray Heather. 

Twin   68 x 86              $128

Full/Queen  86 x 86       $168

King  100 x 86              $188



Untreated Wool Long Johns For Kids



The wool chosen for Hocosa woolens is pure, untreated Demeter wool, to provide the utmost in well-being. This fine wool comes from pure-bred merino sheep. The wool is sheered by hand and is free of pesticides. It is chemically untreated and soothingly soft.

We recommend hand-washing with LANACare lanolin-replenishing soap to keep your woolens as soft as can be!

For sizing, check the drop down menu for child's height measurement.

Pictures property of Hocosa....


Savvy Rest Serenity - Dunlop

Our Organic Serenity mattress is our most popular model. Made with three 3-inch layers of natural latex, it measures a little less than 10 inches high with its quilted casing, and provides a supremely comfortable feel. The casing is made with a strong brass zipper, so it is easy to open and close when you build your mattress. Spot clean only.

It’s soft on top and supportive underneath, and that’s really what most people are looking for. The Organic Serenity mattress can be made to feel very firm, very soft, or any range in between.

Natural Dunlop

Twin or Twin Long $1999.

Full or Double $2799

Queen $3099

King $3799

Cal. King $3899


Concrobium Mold Control

How often have you scrubbed household mold stains only to have them reappear within days or weeks?   Concrobium Mold Control is a revolutionary EPA-registered specialty mold product that is approved for both mold remediation and mold prevention.

The solution’s patented technology coats surfaces with an invisible antimicrobial shield that encapsulates and inhibits the growth of mold and fungal spores, prevents growth, and eliminates musty odors.

Concrobium Mold Control is the only mold specialty product that is:

Free of ammonia, bleaches or VOCs

Ideal for use on existing mold

Ideal for prevention of new mold growth

EPA-registered as a Fungistat and Mildewstat

Odorless and colorless

Concrobium Mold Control: A New Approach to Mold Remediation and Prevention

Most products that claim to inhibit mold problems – whether bleach-based, ammonia-based or otherwise – do so by overexposing the microorganism to toxic chemical substances.  The problem is that these same chemicals are often toxic to humans and animals.  As a result, the fumes and residue that these products generate during and after use can pose health risks to users and building occupants.


Unlike other antimicrobial products on the market, Concrobium Mold Control contains no bleach, ammonia, acids or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  The product's unique, patented solution works by encapsulating and then physically surrounding the underlying mold, inhibiting its growth.

When using the gallon container, we recommend using a spray bottle.

****In independent lab tests, Concrobium Mold Control was given the lowest toxicity rating possible (Category IV).



AhhNatural Hot Tub System

We have tried many natural products over the years to keep our hot tub clean without the use of chemicals. This is our favorite.

Non-toxic is good for you.
And non-toxic works in your hot tub.

AhhNatural is an easy-to-use non-toxic hot tub maintenance product based on the same advanced technology commonly used in the water purification industry. AhhNatural has been perfected in over ten years of research and development.

A 16x16-inch pad containing three naturally-occurring minerals, AhhNatural controls bacterial growth and purifies hot tub water for up to one year of normal use. Unlike other "natural" treatment systems that require the periodic addition of toxic chemicals – or chemicals that produce toxic byproducts – to maintain their effectiveness, AhhNatural works continuously without added chemicals when used as directed.

How AhhNatural compares.

As people become more aware of the health hazards associated with harsh chemicals, and the environmental hazards associated with releasing chemically treated spa water into the environment, they have begun to seek out "green" alternatives.

AhhNatural was developed as a people safe, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toxic chemical sanitizers.

What is Toxic? What's Non-Toxic?
Toxicity is the capacity of a substance to cause harm to a living organism. In a hot tub system this could be bacteria, viruses, fungus or other potentially harmful microorganisms. Traditional spa treatments such as chlorine, bromine and guanide compounds are designed to kill these unwanted organisms.Unfortunately, in order to work effectively, these treatments require a certain amount of the chemical to remain in the spa water continuously, causing unwanted effects to bathers. These effects may include a burning in the nose and throat, itching and drying of the skin, and eye irritation. The AhhNatural system is designed to kill unwanted organisms without the exposure to chemical additives.

When we say AahNatural is non-toxic, we mean that while the patented system works effectively to kill unwanted microorganisms, it does not leave unwanted poisons that may effect bathers in the water.

Is AhhNatural right for your hot tub?

Recommended usage: AhhNatural is designed for personal residential use.

Use 1 AhhNatural pad for 2-3 adults using a 380-gallon tub 3 to 5 times a week.

Use 2 AhhNatural pad for continuous heavy use or hot tub volumes exceeding 400 gallons.

Use 1-3 AhhNatural pad in lap pools and other specialty spas depending on use and water volume.
Call us for a recommendation 530-550-9396

Is AhhNatural right for you?

AhhNatural is designed for non-commercial, private, personal, adult use with careful and consistent maintenance habits. Heavy bather loads will overload the AhhNatural and increase the recovery time of water quality.  Performance Guidelines:

  • Replace your water at least three times a year.
  • Test pH frequently.
  • Clean filters and hot tub cover according to AhhNatural's recommendations.
  • Shower off sunscreen and cosmetics before using your hot tub.
  • Shocking spa water once a week or during heavy use is also important. This is typically done with a non-chlorine oxidizer that eliminate odors and reduces irritating contaminants. We recommend using hydrogen peroxide (3% H2O2), an effective oxidizer that readily converts to oxygen and water.

If you answer 3 of these questions yes, THIS product may NOT be for you.

  • I drain my water once a year at most.
  • I never shower off sunscreen or cosmetics before I use my hot tub.
  • I only use my hot tub for parties.
  • I rarely clean my filters, test my PH and never clean my hot tub cover.
  • I see no harm in using chlorine or bromine.



Organic Ergo Baby Carrier


Now in beautiful, soft organic cotton!  This is the favorite carrier of all my mom friends! Lightweight, easy packable, super comfy.  You can use this versatile carrier when baby is little, wearing baby on your front, and when baby is bigger, backpack style. Machine washable.

Using the ERGObaby carrier gives you continuous connection, fabulous feeling of freedom, and security knowing your baby is safe.

This is the all-in-one soft baby carrier, assisting you through all the stages of your baby's growth and moving from front to hip to back position easily.

Parents tell us the ERGObaby carrier is the best of all the baby carriers on the market. It was designed by Karin Frost and has undergone extensive testing by tens of thousands of parents. Its innovative design makes wearing your baby comfortable for hours at a time, gives you the freedom to remain active and productive in your daily life, and holds your baby secure to your body so you are HandsFree.

ERGObaby’s baby carrier design supports a natural sitting position for babies, eliminating compression of the spine and hips that can be caused by unsupported suspension. The baby carrier also balances the baby's weight to parents' hips and shoulders, and alleviates physical stress for the parent.

Important Notice

If your baby is less than four months old you will need an ERGObaby organic Infant Insert in order to safely carry your baby in the ERGObaby Carrier



Traditional Style Crib



Beautiful solid wood handcrafted heirloom quality crib made by the Amish - with a non-toxic finish. Shown in oak.

Crib is designed with three stage system that adjusts with age or size of your child. Use one piece of furniture for your child from newborn until an adult. Easily transforms from one stage to the next with the purchase of a Conversion Kit. .

All cribs meet all applicable Federal Regulations/ASTM Standards.  This product requires light assembly and a how-to-assemble picture instruction manual is also included.

37 5/8"d x 56 3/8"w x 44"h

These cribs are handmade to order by the Amish, and have a 2+ month lead time. All furniture is available in your choice of Linseed Finish or Organic Stain and choice of wood. Linseed Oil or unfinished will be the least toxic option of wood finish. It will not change the natural color of the wood, but will just bring out the grain of the wood nicely. For darker color options a stain must be used. The stain and finish over it are formaldehyde free and pass child safety standards, but do have some chemicals in them. 

This is an oversized item with additional ship charges. Please contact us for a ship quote.



Sorting Bus



Just like the old bus toy we remember but no plastic! The shape sorting bus contains shapes that when sorted correctly will fit into the bus. Pull the sign on the bus and all the pieces will slide out.

19 months +