Stainless Steel Covered Cake Pan


We LOVE this pan and it's cover! We use it for lasanga and casseroles, cakes and carrying cupcakes, bake sales and potlucks.

The raised stainless steel lid snaps over the pan, protecting the food inside. Culinary creations arrive at their destination in perfect shape. No more mussed frosting on cakes or cracked casseroles.

The Stainless Steel Covered Cake Pan is made from durable, high quality 18/10 stainless steel, so it won't rust like other cake pans might, and you don't have the added worry of cooking with aluminum cookware. Strong, practical durable, with a snap on lid to keep your goodies fresh without aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Great for potlucks, or just keeping cake fresher longer on the countertop. 
The bottom is slightly raised in the middle, so that when your cake is popped out and inverted, the sides of your cake will be slightly lower on the edges. This will also accommodate cakes that tend to shrink slightly in the middle while baking, in which case, you will have a cake top that is straighter than would have been if you baked the cake in a straight pan.
  • Ideal for cakes, desserts, casseroles, or transporting food to holiday parties
  • Bake, decorate and take all in one pan
  • Professional quality, heavy-duty stainless steel will last a lifetime without rusting
  • Inside 13"L x 9-1/8"W
  • With lid 14-1/8"L x 10"W x 3'H, 2-1/2 lb


Price: $60.00