SALE! Pre-Owned Organic Girl's Pajamas

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I have a bunch of Organic Girl's Pajamas my daughter has outgrown. They are Hannah Andersson and very nice! I thought I would post them here - to my customers - who actually care that we never used toxic detergents or fabric softeners on them. (My biggest issue with buying on E-Bay!) These pajamas sell for $36 - $40 each. They are pre-owned but have no holes or rips, though I cannot promise there will not be a spot of glitter or a small dot stain on the cuffs. My daughter loved them and wore them - but basically they are in very good still usable condition. No returns. 

I have more, all size 160 -  My girl jumped from a large kids size to a medium ladies in one year (her 11th!!!) so some are practically new.

Black Cat Pajamas      Size 150 -  (12)
Thermal Monkey Pajamas     Size 150 - (12)
Floral Pajamas   Size 160 - (14 - 16)

Price: $10.00