Organic Pickl-It Jar Cover



New! Organic Pickl-It Block-It Covers!

In keeping with our commitment to provide well-resesarch, reliable information and products - we're pleased to announce our patent-pending Pickl-It organic Block-It covers!

Pickl-It Hemp Cover Pickl-It just got even better!

Our custom-designed, professionally-crafted, Pickl-It Block-It cover adds a layer of protection to your on-counter primary ferments.

Whether your kitchen is filled with sunshine or artificial uv-light, our Pick-It Block-It restricts harmful uv-light, neutralizing precious anaerobic-fermentation microbes.

This patent-pending cover is hand-constructed in beautiful hemp fabric chosen for its many fine properties. Most important is hemps ability to block uv-light, which are harmful to the anaerobic fermentation microbes. A decorative, cotton, farm-market theme top-band houses a draw-string for ease-of-use!

Hemp is a time-honoured fabric, used from times of antiquity until present

- Sustainable fiber used in China for 12,000 years
- Europe's first paper mill used hemp paper, continuing for 850 years
- Used throughout world to create sails and shipping industry ropes (other fibers quickly rotted)
- Spain, Russian, Europe relied on hemp fabric for clothing, twine & rope, bank notes, as well as canvas for Renaissance artists
- Gutenberg Bible printed on hemp paper
- Hemp fibers utilized in America by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin for printing, bank notes, as well as Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution

Hemp fiber and fabrics was popular for thousands of years for good reason

- Produced from low-cannabinoid varieties of Cannabis sativa that container high amount of fiber
- Longest and strongest plant fiber = durability
- Abrasion and rot-resistant
- Naturally resistant to mildew and mold
- Blocks UV
- "Hand-feel" improves with age


Price: $20.00