QuikSand® Sanding Blocks

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SKU: drywllstone

QuickSand will help you complete your project easier and faster than ever. These environmentally friendly sanding blocks last 4 times longer than sandpaper and provide a fast, easy-grip sanding solution for all projects. QuickSand, for hand sanding, conforms to the shape of the sanding surface to provide you with a perfect, evenly sanded finish.

  • Non-toxic, chemical free stripping & sanding

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Save the equivalent of 1 glass bottle from landfills per stone


    Drywall Sanding Block   $6.00

Smooths and feathers drywall better than sandpaper or screens.

Block is 9" L x 3"W x 1.5"D

Painted Surfaces Abrasive Block   $4.50

Strips latex or oil based-paints & varnish from all wood surfaces.

Block is 4" L x 2"W x 3"H

   Rough Wood Abrasive Block    $4.50

Designed to sand and smooth rough wood

Great on any tough wood surface

Block is 4" L x 2"W x 3"H

   Rusted Metal Abrasive Block    $4.50

Strips paint, rust & scale from fencing, garden tools, outdoor furniture and more

Prepares metal surfaces for pre-painting

Block is 4" L x 2"W x 3"H

Price: $4.50