Pyrenees Area Rug

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Our mid-weight carpet style constructed with a distinct two color pattern. The alternating rows of color are even in height and give a somewhat sisal apperance but with the durability and softness of the finest all natural wool available. Pyrenees is suitable for all residential as well as light commercial applications.

Face : 100% Undyed & Untreated Wool

Wool Weight : 38 oz

Width : 12 feet

Primary : Hemp/Cotton

Durability: All residential applications & light commercial

Colors: Wheat, Sand Dollar, Buckskin, Flint, Steel & Chestnut

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                 Pyrenees Buckskin               Pyrenees Chestnut                        Pyrenees Flint

             Pyrenees Sand Dollar                   Pyrenees Steel                      Pyrenees Wheat



4' x 6'         $370.00
6' x 9'         $630.00
8' x 10'       $920.00
10' x 12'     $1215.00

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Price: $370.00