Plan Toys


Organic Rubberwood
PlanToys® begins with clean, natural rubberwood recycled from rubber
trees no longer able to produce latex. 3 years before the wood is used,
no fertilizer is added so that the wood stays chemical free. Moreover,
to stabilize the wood, PlanToys® uses a time consuming chemical-free
kiln drying process.

E-Zero (Non-Formaldehyde Glue)
PlanToys® assembles our products using a proprietary non-formaldehyde
glue in place of the traditional toxic wood glue and is E-Zero which
means it contains no Formaldehyde emission.

Water Based Dye
PlanToys® uses non-toxic, water based dyes to add accent colors to
products. This color contains no heavy metal elements such as lead,
mercury, etc.

Recycle and Recyclable Material
PlanToys® uses recycle and recyclable material to minimize our impact on the environment.

Soy Ink & Water based Ink
PlanToys® uses soy ink & water based ink on printed materials. This
ink decomposes faster than regular chemical ink and can be recycled more

Conserve Energy
PlanToys® integrates alternative energy, e.g. solar cell and biomass or
wood scrap which can be used to generate energy for machinery that kiln-
dry the wood and the paint.

Social & Environmental Policy
PlanToys® is the first rubberwood toy manufacturer in the world who
successfully uses rubberwood from rubber tree that no longer provides
latex as the main material to create toys. Meanwhile, paper used in our
packaging is also recyclable which absolutely helps reduce a large
amount of garbage to the world and simultaneously maintain the
ecological balance. We also initiate work-generating scheme for
villagers so they can upgrade their standard of living. Besides, we
provide an opportunity to the people with disability to work in our
company. We also pay much attention to the establishment of the learning
centre for those community kids. We then set up the Toy Museum and
regularly launch many activities for the children according to our
PlanNeramit Project in an attempt to foster the love of learning through
non-formal educational, extra entertainment. Every activity mirrors our
critical thinking to create better society, improve people’s quality of
life, and be friendly to our environment.