Pickl-It Dunk'R


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Our specially-designed Dunk’R holds the vegetables under the brine! We tested a lot of contraptions over the last half-dozen years, searching for just the right one, holding vegetables under the brine without trapping excess carbon dioxide and oxygen. Some were too small, some too large – but then we located a glass laboratory to make a Dunk’R, to be Just Right!

•High-quality laboratory glass
•Flat bottom holds wide-variety food shapes under brine: grated, sliced, diced or whole
•Concave top leaves space for airlock just in case food expands (normal), pushing Dunk’R up against the cover (Solution: do not over-pack Pickl-It)
•Doesn’t sink down through the food
•Gentle downward pressure encourages oxygen up and out of food
•Allows oxygen and excess carbon-dioxide to escape around its edges
•Odor resistant
•Color resistant
•Heavy-metal free

Not all ferments require the Dunk’R, and some Pickl-It sizes benefit from multiple. So, the Pickl-It Dunk’R is available as an add-on option for the Pickl-It fermenting system.




Price: $9.00