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Murco M100 Drywall Joint Compound - Building for Health

M100 NON-TOXIC JOINT COMPOUND by Murco Wall Products

A powdered all-pourpose joint cement and texture compound formulated with inert fillers and natural binders only. It does not contain any preservatives or slow-releasing compounds. It mixes easily with tap water.


Material: Organic type formula
Finish Color: Flat white
Drying Time: Depends on weather condition up to 4 hours.
Freezing Sensitivity: None
Flash Point: None
Compliance Standards: Meets ASTM standards C-475-81 and Federal specifications SS-J-570B-Type 1, Style 1.
Storage: Caution, when water is added, shelf life is as short as 24 hours.
Packaging: 25 lb (11.3 kg) bags

$25 per bag (we usually do not ship Murco M100 as bags weigh 25lbs and it can be quite costly to ship.)

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