Our New Home In Garberville

2006 - We have recently finished renovation on a 1940's feed store on Main Street in Garberville. This large space will allow us warehouse space to store mattresses as well as room to expand into more earth-friendly building materials. This project is very exciting for our community, as we are creating a place for green builders, and all other earth-loving people to connect with each other and share resources. The materials used to fix up this building include many of the products we will be selling. You are able to come in and see real constuction displays and uses. Most of the lumber was salvaged. We insulated with Ultra Touch recycled denim insulation and used Murco M100 joint compound (no formaldehydes!) We have completed an entire showroom wall using American Clay Plasters, and will be offering workshops for our customers to learn how to use them. Our floor is a beautiful, natural horizontal bamboo. We have milk paints and on-site tinting of Safecoat NoVoc paints. We are now open in our new location and invite you to come visit us. Our biodiesel delivery van can deliver insulation or organic mattresses right to your door.

The House that Safecoat Built

In our remodeling, we used AFM Safecoat products for all sorts of situations. The outside of our building has been freshly painted with AFM Safecoats Exterior Satin Paint. Our professional painter was a bit nervous in the weeks before, working with a new product he wasn't used to. Once he began, he really appreciated the quality of Safecoat paint and is excited to be able to offer a healthier alternative to his customers.

Upstairs in our loft/office/family area, the walls had been built with toxic particle board - the last thing we wanted to be breathing in each day. Faced with the decision of what to do about this, we tried to decide on the "greenest" option. Tearing out and replacing the particle board would not only be expensive, but what would we replace it with? Plywood? And then dump all that particle board into the landfill? We decided to seal in the toxins with AFM Safecoat's Transitional Primer. Transitional Primer creates a continous membrane that prevents offgassing. We applied two coats, and then painted with a fun variety of AFM Safecoats Paints.

Getting ready to install Bamboo Flooring over the cement slab in our showroom, we had concerns about moisture problems. A coat of Safecoat Dynoseal, painted onto the slab itself, as well as the interior cement foundation, will help seal out dampness.

Our kitchen counter (a gluten-intolerant family spending 50+ hours per week at work needs a kitchen!) was built from bamboo plywood and sealed with Polyuereseal. It is beautiful!

And of course then there is the Safecoat Caulking. We used over 50 tubes on this old building: to seal cracks, fill holes, smooth seams, and apply trimwork. We found it perfect for so many different applications.

2017 - Mold Eradication led to tearing off the 70 year old stucco front that was leaking and replacing it with Hardi Plank. We added a "rain screen" for more protection and used "Jet Board" magnesium oxide board for the inside walls as it too, is mold resistant. The exterior was then painted with AFM Safecoat Paint.