Moonbow Organic Cloth Pads



Fabric Content:
-Absorbent topping layer (organic cotton velour)
-Hidden bamboo fleece core (70% viscose from organic bamboo, 30% organic cotton)
-100% certified organic merino wool jersey backing, pre-felted

Regular size Moonbows are great for use:
-on light, average, and even heavier flow days
-with a menstrual cup as backup protection

Approximately 10" long, 2.5" to 3" wide when snapped, with adjustable snap settings.

Care Info:
Enzyme-free detergent recommended. Cold rinse, cold or warm wash, low-heat or air dry. No high temperature wash cycles, no bleach, no fabric softeners. If you use an HE washer at extremely hot temps it will shrink the wool. Using a "sanitary cycle" will cause shrinkage and void your warranty!

Made in the USA!

Assorted colors. Purples, Blues, Oranges, Tie-Dye If you have a preference please write two favorite colors in notes section at checkout and we will try to send if we have it.

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