Organic Comfort Nest Mattress -Organic Cotton - Customize Organic Latex - Organic Wool Soft- Firm

HONEST SLEEP MATTRESS COLLECTION MADE WITH 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC MATERIALS - Liberate your sleep experience with the superior organic support and comfort of COMFORT NEST. Choose your organic latex comfort layer from soft to firm. 

Ingredients: 2 inches of GOLS Certified Organic Latex, 12-20 lbs of USDA Certified Organic Cotton Depending on Size, 8-16 lbs of GOTS Certified Organic Wool Depending on Size. Thickness is 8".  Available with a Organic Cotton 7 oz. Twill or a Organic Cotton 12 oz. Jacquard Cover.

The Comfort Nest Organic Dunlop Latex Mattress is one of our most popular premium chemical free mattresses that provides superior comfort for the best night's rest available. The solid core of all GOLS Certified Dunlop Latex is supportive to the lower back, while the plush layers of USDA Certified Organic Cotton and All Natural Virgin Wool contour to the body and help to regulate body temperature and moisture, allowing for a deeper more restful sleep. This combination of firm and contouring support is an optimal sleeping surface for side, back, and front sleepers alike. Best of all, it is 100% Chemical & Flame Retardant Free!

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Organic Comfort Nest Mattress Description

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