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Cork Stone

Real Stone

Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber) that is indigenous to Western Mediterranean region, mainly Portugal and Spain. Its documented use ironically goes back to ancient Egypt; considering the distance from where cork oak naturally grow, where tombs dating back thousands of years were found to contain ceramic jugs with cork stoppers. In the 18th century, Dom Pierre Perignon recognized the ability of cork to contain champagne and wine, which is one of the most significant discoveries leading toward the development of a modern cork industry. Today, cork is used in the manufacture of stoppers, floor coverings, facings for wall and ceilings, footwear, fishing equipment etc.

Environmentally Friendly
Even though cork comes from a renewable resource and also recyclable, Nova Distinctive Floors takes it one step forward in its manufacturing process by recycling 100% of our manufacturing by-products for our facility’s heating system. We are dedicated to protect our environment by using renewable resources to manufacture cork floors and provide a unique flooring system for your design needs.