Moonlite Organic Cloth Panty Liner


Fabric Content:
These trim liners are custom made using your choice of hand dyed organic cotton velour and organic wool. The organic wool backing makes the liner great for use with a menstrual cup, and also prevents liners from bunching or shifting. Liners are made with one dyed layer and one undyed layer (or all undyed upon request.)

Moonlite 2 layer winged pantyliners are great for:
-daily wear when not having a period
-light spotting
-use with a menstrual cup

Dimensions:  Approximately 7" long , 2.5" wide when snapped, with adjustable snap settings.

Feel free to specify your general color preferences in the notes section at checkout . Keep in mind that our hand dyed fabric inventory changes quickly and we may not have the shades pictured here, so it's best to make a general request ("light pink" or "medium blue," etc.) If you request a specific shade and we no longer have it, we'll substitute with a similar shade.

**** Temporarily OUT OF STOCK. 


Price: $11.00