Manhattan Bed


Furniture handcrafted from all-natural materials (organic in the name refers to the materials being of nature–no petrochemicals are used). All pieces are made with FSC-certified solid wood, handmade by local Amish craftsmen. Stains and finishes are plant-based, food-safe, water-soluable, and VOC-free. Construction waste is minimal as wood scraps and sawdust are used for heat; wood chips and shredded paper are used for animal bedding. Water-based glue assembly.

Headboard 52"h
Standard Footboard 30"h · Low Footboard 15"h

Choose from Brown Maple, Oak, Hard Maple or Cherry. Linseed Oil Finish. Stain option available by request.

*** Although the beds pictured quite often show a "box spring" style - what we are offering is a "platform style" which has a slightly higher platform and a full set of slats - making it the perfect foundation for a latex mattress. If you need a boxspring style bed frame, please specify that in the notes. A clear Linseed Oil Finish will be applied unless a darker stain is desired. Since these pieces are all handcrafted to order, some e-mailing may be required to be sure you get exactly what you want. A SHIP QUOTE is also required as there is no free shipping on these items.

****Handcrafted to order with an 8 week lead time.  Multiple items 10-12 weeks.****


Price: $1,060.00