Natural and Organic Kapok Pillows


For those who want the feeling of down without the allergy discomforts, this is a good natural fiber and organic cotton outer pillow. Harvested in the rainforest, kapok is a natural fiber extracted from the seedpod of the kapok tree, which provides the touch and comfort of down.  Natural Kapok pillows are lighter than cotton, soft, and yet supportive. Completely moldable, these are quickly becoming our most popular pillow! Outer fabric is organic cotton. 

Imagine you’re laying your head down in a bed of luscious silk and you will know the feeling of our Kapok Pillows. The naturally silk-like kapok comes from the pod of the exotic and tall Ceiba Pentandra tree in Southeast Asia, South American, and Tropical West Africa. Some things we know you will adore with our Kapok Pillows:

The heavenly soft feel

The organic Damask outer is extremely durable, but still soft to the touch. 

This pillow compresses easily and rebounds slowly.

We recommend this pillow for anyone who enjoys a plush pillow that is also durable and low maintenance.
The lack of pressure on your ears when you lay down on this pillow as this pillow compresses easily and rebounds slowly. (put in a hot dryer for -10 minutes to refluff)
Maybe best of all:   The fact that these pillows are machine washable  and dryable!!  

Washing instructions:  

WASHING KAPOK LITE AND REGULAR FILL PILLOW - Kapok was originally used in life jacket as it is water resistant so when you wash in other than a front loader, you need to fill washer and submerge. HEAVY FILL NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MACHINE WASHING.
DRY KAPOK PILLOW - Some washers cause the kapok to clump - before putting in dryer, thru the outer, pull the kapok apart to allow the heat from the dryer to get to all the kapok.  After about 30 minutes, do this same process again if there are any clumps.  HEAVY FILL NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DRYER.



Price: $65.00