Jet Board


Elevating Construction. One Board at a Time.

Build better, stronger, and greener with JetBoard™. It can replace OSB, plywood, fiber cement board, or drywall in many applications. From use in SIPs (structural insulated panels), to RV panels to fire rated elevator doors, JetBoard™ offers benefits other boards can’t.

5 Key Benefits

  • Completely H20 Tolerant
  •     Ideal for high-moisture and flood prone areas; it won’t rot or harbor mold and mildew
  • Easy to Work With
  •     It’s lighter than many boards, cuts easily and safely without hazardous dust. See why it’s green, healthy, and safe!
  •     JetBoard™ contains no crystalline silica, which can lead to silicosis.
  • Unparalleled Fire Protection
  •     It’s more than a flame-resistant material; in a fire JetBoard™ fights flames by releasing water vapor
  •     ASTM-tested, Class A fire-rated product with ZERO flame spread and 8x more fire suppression than drywall. See the test results.
  • Small Carbon Footprint
  •     A truly green building material made using very low energy input from raw materials through final production. It’s good for the planet and people, learn more about 2XGreen!
  • Super SIPs Solution
  •     In a SIPs application, JetBoard™ reduces manpower and shortens construction time frames. It’s the board of choice for manufacturers.  Jet Products does not manufacture SIPs, but can refer an manufacturer in your area.
JetBoard™ is available in 3 standard sizes, in widths of 1/4” or 1/2” and by special order up to 1″.
    4′ x 8′
    4′ x 9′
    4′ x 10′

Plywood and Sheathing products are for local pick up only.  Full units of material may be able to be shipped to your jobsite depending on the location.


We currently stock a small amount of these products.  Please call ahead so I can be sure to have what you need.  Generally an order takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.

For more info and pricing please contact Eliot (link sends e-mail).



Price: $45.00