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There are many methods for washing your diapers, and with time you will find the best way for you. I will share how I do it.

Breastmilk diapers (before solids) do not need to be rinsed. Just throw them in your diaper pail (Target sells a stainless steel garbage pail with a foot-pedal opening lid that has a plastic bucket insert with a handle that works fantastic!) and be sure to do your wash every 2-3 days. For babies on solids, just swish the poop off into your toilet before throwing them in.

I do a cold soak with about 1/2 cup baking soda. A little detergent (Bio-Kleen works great and has Grapefruit Seed Extract to help kill germs) and first cycle cold. Then I do a hot/warm cycle with no soap to rinse soap out really well. If you notice an ammonia smell, the detergent is not being rinsed out. Do another rinse. In the summer, line dry as sunning diapers is the very best to kill germs and remove stains. If your diapers get stained up, you can lay them in the sun to "bleach" out those stains. I do not ever use clorine bleach (which besides being toxic shortens the life of your diapers and will destroy diaper covers), but every few months I may add some Ecover Oxygen Bleach to the wash. Do not use fabric softener as it will waterproof your diapers!