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Many websites have lots of technical information on which mattress is right for you. I will share what I have learned watching people come into our store trying out the different styles.

If you like a very firm mattress you may consider our Apollo Innerspring Mattress. This mattress, by PureRest, is the basic conventional-type innerspring mattress, but without the toxic foam and chemicals. It is the firmest mattress we sell. It is the best choice for the budget minded, or those who want a latex free option. If you want all Organic Cotton and Wool Innerspring, but like a bit more softness, choose The Atlas - which has more cotton and wool padding. The Atlas is still a very firm mattress. 

Another great choice for those who like a firmer mattress is a standard 6" latex mattress like The Harmony Deluxe. Our best seller is Firm because it appeals to a wide variety of people. It is firm and supportive for your spine and yet yields to your pressure points. Choose extra firm if you really like it very firm. We sell the Firm quite a bit and the extra firm very rarely.

These mattresses are made of pure natural Dunlop latex, tapped from rubber tree plants. It is naturally mold, mildew and dustmite resistant. Don't be fooled by other makers claiming to sell natural latex that actually has been blended with synthetics. Most people with latex sensitivities are actually reacting to the synthetic additives. (We can send you a sample if you are concerned latex may not be for you.) It is perfect for those with allergies, pressure point problems, or sensitivities to metal innersprings. People who like a firm mattress, but one that gently gives and cradles the body love this mattress. Transfer of motion (when the person next to you moves around) is very limited and moms who have this mattress tell me it is perfect for sneaking away from sleeping baby. Latex does not compress like cotton and wool do, so this mattress will stay super comfy for a long, long time. If you need more softness, a topper can always be added later. Personally, I LOVE the feel of a natural latex mattress! In our showroom people can try both wool and latex mattresses, since we rarely sell the innerspring it's no longer in the showroom, as people find the latex so comfortable.

For those who like a bit of a softer mattress: If you are looking for additional softness, or to mimic the feel of a "memory foam" mattress, there are many choices. If you like a firmer mattress with just a touch of softness you may want to look at The Atlantis. For more softness look at The Circa or The Sagittarius Mattresses. These are layered mattresses which have several inches of soft latex on top of a firm base layer. The Sagittarious and The Zeus can be customized side to side for couples who have different tastes in mattress firmness. These are layered mattresses which have several inches of soft latex on top of a firm base layer. For the softest, most deluxe feeling mattress, that still has that nice firm support core in the middle, try The Aries. Latex mattresses do not need a boxspring - they need firmer support. You can buy a wood foundation (looks like a boxspring but all wood inside) or use a slat frame or platform bed.

COMBO INNERSPRING/LATEX MATTRESS Mattresses such The Celestial, are innerspring mattresses that have a 2 inch layer of latex surrounding the springs. With this you get the bounce of an innerspring, with the comfort of latex. You will not feel the innersprings through the latex. This, to me, is a cushier, softer bed, that is more reminiscent of traditional mattresses. The latex gives you that mold, mildew and dustmite resistance. The Selene has a 2" layer of latex on top of the innersprings, but not on the bottom, which makes it soft but at a slightly better price.  These mattresses can be used with a wood foundation, or my favorite, a slat frame.

All of our organic mattresses meets all state and federal fire codes, including the new 2007 nationwide mattress fire code. No fire retardant chemicals or any other chemicals are used in any of our organic mattresses. Buying a new mattress is an important and expensive decision to make. We want all our customers to be happy. Although a "shopping cart" is set up to purchase mattresses - we are available through e-mail or phone to talk to you and help you with your purchase. The shopping cart is a convenience factor and not necassarily how we prefer to do business. Please contact us with any questions or to order your new organic mattress!