Hemp Shower Curtain



This curtain is beautiful as well as functional for your bathroom or home. Hemp is naturally anti-fungal & anti-bacterial so it is the perfect fabric to replace those toxic vinyl curtains with. It will get wet, but will dry quickly and should not splash through. Keep your bathroom well ventilated to avoid mildew. This curtain can also be used as a curtain elsewhere in your home. We recommend laundering every few weeks depending on use and air flow in your bathroom.

(macrame shower rings are no longer included on this curtain)

  • Made from 100% natural hemp canvas
  • Tightly woven so water will not leak through
  • Machine wash and dryable
  • Measures 72” x 72” (183cm x 183cm)
  • Well made in Canada

Comes in Sand, Seafoam  or Keylime or Natural

***While hemp may be mold resistant, mold is not included in the warranty, as mold is environmental.***

Pictured: Seafoam, Sand and Keylime


Price: $95.00