Green Fiber Recycled cellulose blown in insulation

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This Green Fiber insulation is made from pre-consumer recycled newspapers and phone books and uses natural borates as a fire retardant, mold prohibitor and pest repellent.  This insulation is blown in dry and can be layered on top of existing attic insulation.  Most of the heat gain and loss happens through the ceiling.  By insulating your ceiling to an R40 to R60 rating you can have considerable savings on your heating and cooling bills.  It can also be blown into existing walls and even used in walls during new construction with an insulation wrap stretched between the studs and stapled in place.
GreenFiber Premium All Borate Retrofit Wall and attic Insulation
770 Low Dust


$18 for a 25 lb bag

Free 2 day blower rental with Purchase of Green Fiber Insulation.

$20 every additional day


Available for local pickup or delivery in humboldt and mendocino counties. 

coverage per bag and sqft pricing

R13 = $0.26sqft 69.9 sqft/bag 3.76" thick

R19 = $0.40sqft 45.6 sqft/bag 5.45" thick

R24 = $0.52sqft 34.4 sqft/bag 6.84" thick

R30 = $0.69sqft 26.2 sqft/bag 8.48" thick

R32 = $0.74sqft 24.2 sqft/bag 9.03" thick

R38 = $0.92sqft 19.6 sqft/bag 10.64" thick

R40 = $0.98sqft 18.4 sqft/bag 11.18" thick

R44 = $1.10sqft 16.3 sqft/bag 12.24" thick

R48 = $1.23sqft 14.6 sqft/bag 13.31" thick