Global Green Pals

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  • Global Green Pals™ are soft, 12-inch dolls made of Oeko-Tex 100 certified organic cotton.
  • Clothing and accessories are made with organic, natural and tested fibers and low impact dyes.
  • Dolls are stuffed with 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic PET bottle stuffing.
  • Global Green Pals™ appeal to parents, educators and toddler boys and girls ages 3+.
  • Global Green Pals™ have detailed, embroidered faces, removable clothing and high play value.
  • Each doll comes with a detailed and imaginative character tag printed on recycled paper, printed with soy based inks, that tells each character’s story and offers kid-friendly “green tips” on how to help the Earth.
  • Every time you purchase a Global Green Pal™, a portion of your purchase supports earth-saving efforts around the globe because we give to One Percent for the Planet.
High Play Value
  • Detailed, colorful, removable clothing.
  • Mini accessories such as shoes, doll sized backpacks, bags, flippers and snorkel.
  • Brushable hair.
  • Cleverly named characters that spark imagination.
  • Character tags that promote early environmental learning and global awareness.
Standards, Safety and Social Responsibility
  • Global Green Pals are handmade with care in Sri Lanka.
  • Global Green Pals are OE100 certified and meet ATSM, CPSIA and EN71 standards.
  • Our manufacturer was awarded a 2009 “Garments without Guilt” award, which requires companies to run their businesses with fair labor practices and in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner.
  • Our chosen manufacturer is certified as a green company (OE100) and uses certified organic materials (OE 100 and Oeko-Tex).
  • It is a priority for our company to partner with businesses and vendors who are also committed to sustainable and ethical products and business practices.
  • Global Green Pals safety and organic certificates are available upon request.
  • Global Green Pals™ are safe for infants and toddlers ages 3+.



Price: $28.00