Glass Straws - Simple Elegance




Simple Elegance   $8

Shorty   $7

The most inexpensive straw we can make, but don’t let the “inexpensive” label fool you.  This jewel has a beauty that only glass can give. Simplistic clarity is the eyecatcher here as this straw’s light-catching properties accentuate your table and barware.  A must for the complete beverage ware set! 

Simple Elegance is also available in "shorty style" which is a nice starter straw for kids.  Most straws are 9" long, but the Shorty is 6.25".

7mm will fit in juice boxes. This straw is also 6.25" long

9.5mm is our standard straw and our bestseller.

12mm is great for those who like a chunkier smoothie.


Price: $7.00