Glass is Best!

Glass Baby Bottles are the healthiest option. Don't store your breast milk or feed your baby with plastic! Most baby bottles are made of plastic containing Bisphenol A - which is a hormone disruptor. The long term effects of this are unknown. Studies show even small amounts can be toxic. It has been linked to various forms of cancer, including breast cancer, as well as many other health problems. Don't let our babies be guinea pigs for the plastic industry. Even the new BPA Free Plastics leach hormone disrupting chemicals, according to the most recent studies. I don't believe drinking and eating out of petroleum based plastics is healthy! Use pure glass bottles. I have used glass for over a year, and read many, many reviews and breakage is VERY rare. These bottles work great with Medela breastpumps. Medela now recommends breastmilk is stored in glass. (If you are storing breastmilk for a younger baby, please consider the 4 oz bottles as you can store smaller quantities and not waste any precious yummies.)