FSC Maple Plywood



FSC mixed source Maple panels  Both unfinished and prefinished are available in 1/4" 1/2" and 3/4" sizes.  We are currently ordering a product made by State Industries.   The use a Soy based glue in many of their products and an NAUF (No added Urea Formaldahyde) adhesive in the rest of their products.  These are beautifull maple panels.Our front counter at the store is made with them and we have had local carpenters use them for cabinitry, shelving and many more creative projects.  The 1/4" prefinished panel is one of my favorites.  We used it to panel the ceiling in our offices. 

Plywood and Sheathing products are for local pick up only.  Full units of material may be able to be shipped to your jobsite depending on the location.


We currently stock a small amount of these products.  Please call ahead so I can be sure to have what you need.  Generally an order takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.  Prices are subject to change with each order.

For more info and pricing please contact Eliot (link sends e-mail).


Price: $36.00