The Earth Oil Paint Kit




At last, a collection of completely non-toxic, professional-quality oil paints! Unlike conventional tubes of oil paints, our paints contain no preservatives, fillers, heavy metals, or other toxins.

Made of pure natural earth and minerals, they have phenomenal UV resistance and durability, and they are stunningly radiant on canvas. Also, they readily mix with conventional oil paint, allowing you to broaden your color palette. The ten powdered pigments make the equivalent of ten medium-sized tubes of professional oil paint. Compare prices, and you will see how economical our kit is!

Kit includes:
- 10 powered earth and mineral pigments (2 oz packets): venetian red, oragne ochre, Yellow ochre, terra verte/green, ultramarine blue, ultramarine purple, black ochre, burnt sienna, titanium white rutile and burnt umber
- 4 oz jar of refined Walnut Oil for mixing 
- 4 oz jar of Eco-Solve (non-toxic, plant-based paint thinner/brush cleaner

Enjoy the creative control of mixing your own paints like in the workshops of the Old Masters. Packaging is 100% Post Consumer Recycled and biodegradable.

Made in the USA.


Price: $44.00