Safecoat Stains & Sealers
Using natural mineral pigments instead of dyes and no formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients, our extensive collection of stains and sealers gives you unprecedented versatility for coating a wide variety of surfaces with a strong, durable finish that has no offensive solvents, fumes or odors. Our stains offer superior coloration for any interior and exterior wooden surfaces. Our unique sealers offer superior protection and seal in harmful toxins on surfaces that include wood, concrete, natural stone, stucco and tile grout.



This premium quality, fast-curing flat finish, semi-transparent stain is ideal for interior and exterior wood surfaces. It promotes penetration of porous surfaces and has high adhesion for superior protection as a decorative colorant. It has excellent pigmentation stability and is a durable stain. It contains no aniline dyestuffs, no gilsonite or asphalt, no aromatic solvents and no formaldehyde. Use on: all wood surfaces.



: Because of wide variations in the way different woods accept stain, we particularly recommend that users always test in small, inconspicuous areas for appearance and compatibility before application to the entire surface
. Surfaces to be stained with Safecoat DuroStain should be sound and cleaned of dirt, dust, grease, wax, silicone, soap and oil, and must be completely free of mold, mildew or fungus contamination.
Cleaning with an odorless, dye-free, all-purpose cleaner like SafeChoice Super Clean is recommended. Previously painted or sealed surfaces will not accept stain readily.  Consequently, stripping of old paint or sealer followed by rinsing and sanding will be required before application of Safecoat DuroStain to achieve maximum penetration from this product.  Surface can be dampened with water to assist user in getting an even application. Porous woods with strong grain pattern can be tamed by using thinned (50% with water) application of Safecoat® DuroStain Clear. Safecoat® DuroStain can be used as a glaze over painted and sealed surfaces.
: Always have adequate ventilation. Intermix (boxing) all containers of the same color to ensure uniformity before  applying. Before using, stir Safecoat DuroStain well, then apply it evenly without reduction using a high quality nylon or synthetic bristle brush. To adjust intensity of color, best results will be obtained by staining six foot sections (2’ x 3’) of the surface and wiping off excess stain while it is still wet to achieve the desired intensity of color. Always keep a wet edge. Darkness of stain may be increased by high surface porosity, wiping off less stain, or letting the stain dry longer before wiping.  A squeegee applicator can be beneficial when coating large flat surfaces like doors. The shade of the stained surface will be affected by the color and type of wood. Reduce if desired for spraying with up to 1/2 pint of water per gallon. Always use a painter’s mask when spraying. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Make sure to wipe off any excess stain which does not penetrate into the wood. Note: these instructions are intended to be general only and not exhaustive. The applicator should determine what preparation and techniques are best suited to the specific surface



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