Bits Kits Condiment Containers



  • Stress-Free mornings: Packing snacks for little ones is a breeze with Bits Kits kids' condiment containers; No more jumbled mess in a bag, food stays safe and sanitary in stainless steel containers
  • Nearly unbreakable: Lightweight, sturdy, and compact enough for bookbags and lunchboxes; Easy-to-open design for young children; Ideal for trips to the playground or after-school sports and activities
  • Diversify Lunchtime: Great for picky eaters! Airtight condiment containers are an easy way to send kids to school with manageable portions of dipping sauce or dressing that won't make a mess
  • Save money and reduce waste by reusing kits for daily school lunches and weekend excursions, avoid using individual baggies and and pair with Bits Kits bento boxes for solid dry food
  • Dishwasher-Safe for simple after-school cleanup: wash and rinse or place in the top rack of a dishwasher; Containers are ready to go for tomorrow morning or prepping the night before

Set of three containers

2" diameter 1 1/2" deep




Price: $12.00