SALE! CleanWave® Sanitizing Portable Vacuum


Reduces germs and odor-causing bacteria while you vacuum*

Tackles viruses, bacteria and pet and nursery odors.

Safely sanitizes surfaces without irritants or residues§

Germ fighting UV technology significantly reduce viruses (like H1N1), bacteria (like MRSA), certain allergens and even pest eggs like bed bug, flea and dust mite eggs.

Combats certain molds and allergens without chemicals or liquids**

400 watt motor and cyclonic action ensure maximum power and suction, and easy empty, bagless design and 2-stage micro-allergy filtration** prevent recirculation of pollutants.


*Tested by United States independent third party laboratories, CleanWave Technology is proven to eliminate up to 99% of germs, viruses, molds and pest eggs on hard surfaces.  Based on exposure of UV-C light to bacteria, viruses, molds and pest eggs in the laboratory under controlled conditions on hard surfaces.

†CleanWave Technology has been shown to reduce germs on porous surfaces but effectiveness will vary based on the type of porous surface and soil loading.  UV-C effectiveness depends on direct exposure duration and intensity and must shine on organism to be effective. In the event of bed bug infestation, a qualified pest exterminator should be contacted.

** Direct UV-C Light exposure is effective on certain allergen-producing organisms such as molds and reduction in dust mites eggs. HEPA-12 filtration can trap pet dander and mold spores.

§ When used as directed.

NOTE:   Replacement Filter Set and Replacement Bulb available by special order.

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Price: $100.00