Eco-Wool Pillows


Deluxe pillow made by Purerest features an attractive Certified Organic Cotton European Damask outer fabric that is durable and soft. The wool fill comes from healthy organically raised living sheep that enjoy a stress-free life of organic food, clean environment, and good health. The resulting fleeces are sorted and washed with only hot water and vegetable-based soaps (no detergents or chlorine bleach, resulting in wool fibers that are strong and springy). Then these fibers are carded in an organic facility in Northern California carding facility. No other manufacturer can guarantee wool purity as they send their wool to be carded at regular carding facilities.

Wool Pillows tend to be loved best by those who like a FLAT Pillow as they do compress about one third and do not fluff back up again. For a re-fluffable Wool Pillow, try the Woolie Ball.

Fill Weights: Standard: 20; 24, 29 oz; Queen: 24, 31, 37 oz; King: 28, 34, 45 oz.


Price: $95.00