Wood Toys

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Cherry Rattle



The rattle is sculpted in response to nature and organic forms that blend harmoniously with a soothing sound. The tactile experience of the moving bead and organic textures encourage the development of the senses. Each rattle has a specific shape which is found within that particular piece of wood.

Our rattle is crafted from cherry with a contrasting birch dowel. After the rattles are sanded baby smooth, our All-Natural Beeswax Polish is hand applied to bring out the uniqueness of the grain.

3 inches in diameter, 4 months and up


Hardwood Triangle Stacker



Crafted from maple, walnut, and cherry this builds fine motor skills for both infants and toddlers. The blocks can be arranged in any configuration on the column which allows children to develop creativity and pattern recognition. The set is sanded smooth and finished with our Original Beeswax polish.

3 months & up. Made in the USA.

6 inches wide and 4.35 inches long



60 Piece Construction Set



The 60 pieces of this wooden construction set can be easily assembled
and disassembled with the screwdriver and wrench to create any
imaginable form. Children will enjoy twisting and turning in order to
assemble the parts together as per the guidelines provided in the set
helping to develop fine motor skills, concentration and eye-hand
coordination. With even more pieces, this set provides opportunity for
children to design and assemble according to their endless imaginations.
To add more fun, children can add the 30 piece Construction Set, Build
N Roll, 50 Unit Block Set or the Unit Building Blocks. The pacakge is
15" x 3.7" x 9".


Pots And Pans



PlanToys Pot & Pans

Kids can get a chance to enjoy
pretend and imaginative play with PlanToys Pot & Pans. It'll keep
children occupied and promote their development.

Age: 3 to 8 years


  • Frying pan
  • Pot with lid
  • Saucepan
  • Spatula
  • Turner
  • Chemical free
  • Nontoxic color
  • Made of kiln-dried recycled rubber wood
  • Enhances children's imagination
  • Ideal for imaginative play

Dolly's High Chair

Mealtime is more fun when your doll can sit with you at the table!
Adjust the sliding tray to tuck your doll in.  The tray is removable,
just like a real high chair! 

SIZE - 26" tall, 13" wide, 10" deep
Seat is 8" deep, 9" wide

MATERIALS - Northern white pine with a linseed oil finish





Dolly's High Chair ships in a flat pack. Find out why here


Dolly's Pram


Take your favorite dolls or stuffed animal friends for a ride in our
new Pram.  Sturdily constructed of hardwood and pine it is built for
busy afternoons filled with play. 

SIZE - 24" long,  23" high and 12 3/4" wide

MATERIALS - Maple and ash, steel axles and plastic wheels.

AGE INFORMATION - 1 year and older



Assembly Instructions

Dolly's Pram ships in a flat pack. Find out why here.


Kat's Cradle

This sweet little cradle rocks back and forth as your child soothes
dolly to sleep. Kat's Cradle is perfectly sized for our Waldorf dolls.

Doll and Bedding not included.

SIZE - 11" tall, 16" wide and 22" long.
Bed is 20" long and 8" wide

MATERIALS - Northern white pine with a linseed oil finish and formaldehyde-free birch plywood bottom.



Kat's Cradle ships in a flat pack. Find out why here


Waldoff Dolls - Baby Kira



The Waldorf doll is hand-made of natural materials like sheep's wool and
cotton wool. The doll's face is hand painted and hand stitched and
really unique. The expression is simple and your child can use all his
creativity playing with this doll. Kira wears a colorful dress made of
cotton fabrics, pink trousers and a matching bandana. She comes in a
carry on bag and is a great friend for children of 36 months and older.
Hand wash. Size: 8.5 inches.


Duck Pull Toy



This charming duck makes a wonderful companion for the newly mobile child. When pulled by the bright, red cord, this Duck from Haba merrily waddles along. We love it's bright red beak, uneven gait (like a duck!) and that it doesn't make any noise - a big bonus for many parents. Dyed with water-based dye and painted and sealed with contaminant-free, saliva-proof paint. Wipe with damp cloth to clean. A sturdy toy crafted do gracefully endure years of childhood adoration and play.

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.25 inches
  • Made of Hard Wood
  • Coated With 100% Non-Toxic, Water-Based Stains
  • Meets or Exceeds Specifications of European (EN-71) and American (ASTM) Toy Safety Standards
  • Made In Germany
  • Ages 1 Year +




A rainbow of color, whirling wooden movement, a tinkling bell.

Haba has us captivated AGAIN! Babies find this colorful clutch toy to be entertaining, mesmerizing fun! No matter how they flip it, pieces move, color invites, and cheery jiggling results!

Clutching Color Whirligig is made of natural beechwood with safe water based color.

Safe for teething, built to last.

Haba Clutching Whirligig - 

  • A baby clutch toy with whirling movement, tinkling bell, rainbow colors
  • Encourages exploration, grasp, and sensory awareness
  • Entertaining & captivating color, action & sound
  • Whirling pieces, wooden pieces threaded on exceptionally sturdy elastic
  • Red center bell safely encased
  • Natural beechwood, water-based color
  • Safe for teething, built to last
  • Fully safety tested