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Organic mattresses from TFS are made with the best 100% certified organic materials, with no Chemical Fire Retardants, No Need For a Dr. Note!  TFS is proud to handcraft the most affordable Chemical Free Organic Mattresses you can find.  All of our all Hand Crafted Organic Mattresses are made with; USDA Organic Cotton, GOTS Organic Wool, GOLS Organic Latex and Covered With Organic Cotton Fabric that is GOTS Certified, so you can be sure from surface to the base every ingredient is made without harmful toxins, designed to offer you years of healthy comfort and support.

How do we make it so affordable?  We are a vertical manufacturer!  Meaning we source and process every pound of GOTS wool and USDA cotton directly from the farmers, (no middleman), our GOLS latex is delivered from Sir Lanka direct from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree Plantations.  We even cut and sew our Organic Cotton Cases in our own factory in San Francisco.  Nothing is left to chance, every Organic Mattress is made to order daily.  We don't believe living organically has to be expensive.  TFS goal remains consistent, to empower our customers and our community, by offering affordable non toxic mattresses, enabling everyone to live a comfortable and healthy life.

These mattresses are somewhat futon- like, but much improved with the addition of micro-coils and latex!

We HIGHLY Recommend the purchase of a bed rug with these mattresses!


Organic Cozy Nest Mattress - Micro-Coil - Organic Cotton - Organic Wool Medium Firm
Starts at:
Organic Calm Nest Mattress - MicroCoil, Organic Customize Latex, Organic Wool Soft - Firm
Starts at:
Organic TranquilNest Mattress - Micro-Coil - Organic Wool Medium Firm
Starts at:
Organic Ecopure Nest Mattress
Starts at:
Organic Serenity Nest Mattress -Organic Cotton - Customize Organic Latex - Organic Wool Soft- Firm
Starts at:
Honest Sleep Coconut Coir Bed Rug
Starts at:
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