Sun Mar

Sun Mar

Producing no pollution and leaving no footprint SUN-MAR units are the future for a greener earth. SUN-MAR units evaporate the liquids and odorlessly decompose the remaining waste into an inoffensive fertilising soil. SUN-MAR's unique and superior product designs are covered by international patents and feature 3 separate independent chambers with Bio-drum for composting, finishing and evaporation.

SUN-MAR has units for every need.

- Electric or non-electric

- Waterless or 1 pint flush

- Small, medium, or large capacity units

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Compost Quick


Compost Quick comes in a 16 oz. spray bottle. This enzyme liquid accelerates the composting action, leaving you with a perfect finished compost every time. It can also be used as a cleaner for either your bowl liner (for self-contained models) or your toilet (for Low Flush systems).

To Use: 3-4 squirts of the nozzle before rotating drum.


Microbe Mix

This 16 oz. (454g) jar of bacteria allows you to increase the bacterial population and hence the composting activity. Ideal for adding at spring startup in the place of topsoil, which may not contain the proper bacteria needed for proper composting action.

To Use: One scoop (included) every 2-3 weeks.