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AhhNatural Hot Tub System

We have tried many natural products over the years to keep our hot tub clean without the use of chemicals. This is our favorite.

Non-toxic is good for you.
And non-toxic works in your hot tub.

AhhNatural is an easy-to-use non-toxic hot tub maintenance product based on the same advanced technology commonly used in the water purification industry. AhhNatural has been perfected in over ten years of research and development.

A 16x16-inch pad containing three naturally-occurring minerals, AhhNatural controls bacterial growth and purifies hot tub water for up to one year of normal use. Unlike other "natural" treatment systems that require the periodic addition of toxic chemicals – or chemicals that produce toxic byproducts – to maintain their effectiveness, AhhNatural works continuously without added chemicals when used as directed.

How AhhNatural compares.

As people become more aware of the health hazards associated with harsh chemicals, and the environmental hazards associated with releasing chemically treated spa water into the environment, they have begun to seek out "green" alternatives.

AhhNatural was developed as a people safe, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toxic chemical sanitizers.

What is Toxic? What's Non-Toxic?
Toxicity is the capacity of a substance to cause harm to a living organism. In a hot tub system this could be bacteria, viruses, fungus or other potentially harmful microorganisms. Traditional spa treatments such as chlorine, bromine and guanide compounds are designed to kill these unwanted organisms.Unfortunately, in order to work effectively, these treatments require a certain amount of the chemical to remain in the spa water continuously, causing unwanted effects to bathers. These effects may include a burning in the nose and throat, itching and drying of the skin, and eye irritation. The AhhNatural system is designed to kill unwanted organisms without the exposure to chemical additives.

When we say AahNatural is non-toxic, we mean that while the patented system works effectively to kill unwanted microorganisms, it does not leave unwanted poisons that may effect bathers in the water.

Is AhhNatural right for your hot tub?

Recommended usage: AhhNatural is designed for personal residential use.

Use 1 AhhNatural pad for 2-3 adults using a 380-gallon tub 3 to 5 times a week.

Use 2 AhhNatural pad for continuous heavy use or hot tub volumes exceeding 400 gallons.

Use 1-3 AhhNatural pad in lap pools and other specialty spas depending on use and water volume.
Call us for a recommendation 530-550-9396

Is AhhNatural right for you?

AhhNatural is designed for non-commercial, private, personal, adult use with careful and consistent maintenance habits. Heavy bather loads will overload the AhhNatural and increase the recovery time of water quality.  Performance Guidelines:

  • Replace your water at least three times a year.
  • Test pH frequently.
  • Clean filters and hot tub cover according to AhhNatural's recommendations.
  • Shower off sunscreen and cosmetics before using your hot tub.
  • Shocking spa water once a week or during heavy use is also important. This is typically done with a non-chlorine oxidizer that eliminate odors and reduces irritating contaminants. We recommend using hydrogen peroxide (3% H2O2), an effective oxidizer that readily converts to oxygen and water.

If you answer 3 of these questions yes, THIS product may NOT be for you.

  • I drain my water once a year at most.
  • I never shower off sunscreen or cosmetics before I use my hot tub.
  • I only use my hot tub for parties.
  • I rarely clean my filters, test my PH and never clean my hot tub cover.
  • I see no harm in using chlorine or bromine.



Ahh-Some Hot Tub & Jet Cleaner, 6 oz

6 oz Ahh-Some Hot Tub/ Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner

Super sized Ahh-Some Hot Tub Cleaner. If you have heavy bather loads or kids, use this as an ahh-some clarifier. Great for anyone who wants to add a clense throughout the year too. If you want a fast acting deep clean & clarifier, ahh-some is for you.

We recommend ahh-some jet and plumbing cleaner to anyone who is on a time crunch. If you want the fastest deepest cleanse possible, ahh-some is for you. Using this product takes less than 30 minutes and will shock you at how much gunk (bio-film build up) it removes. This is a 30 minute detox that allows years of BIO-film build up to be uprooted from the depths of the places you can't see. You will find using this regularly will help stabilize pH and aK as well.

Here are a few other benefits of using Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner:

  • Enjoy clearer water.
  • Water will look and smell fresh.
  • You can use much less sanitizer.
  • Water will feel soft and silky.
  • Heater element(s) will stay cleaner w/o calcium build-up.
  • Operate pump(s) less per day, week or month.
  • Save money and maintenance time.

To detox your hot tub: First time usage: Follow the directions on the label. Add 1 tablespoon of gel per 100 gallons of water to a filled hot tub. Run jets and blower on high for 1 hour minimum. Drain hot tub. Rinse and scrub all debris away & clean all surfaces. Rinse off and clean filters thoroughly. Do this every 60-90 days. NOTE: New tubs, older or heavier used hot tubs and spas may require a second initial purging.

To clarify your spa water: Add 1/4 teaspoon of gel to filled hot tub every week to a 350 gallon hot tub. Run jets and blower 15-20 minutes. NOTE: New tubs - need to be deeply cleaned of manufacturing debris and test water contamination. ALL new tubs must use this product if you desire a smooth start up!

reduce. reuse. recycle. rejoice.

SEA-KLEAR Chlorine-Free Shock

Sea-Klear Chlorine-Free Shock; MPS - a heavieroxidizer that promotes quick water recovery from heavy bather loads or for those times we slack off on maintenance.

100% pure, potassium monopersulfate compound. Nodyes, fillers or other additives. This is pure MPS, containing no buffers or stabilizers.

Sea-Klear Chlorine-Free Shock granulartreatment removes contaminants that cloud hot tub water. It works faster than other oxidizers and won't form chloramines. Used for cloudy water, mild odor, and heavy bather loads.

Remove ahhNatural bag from spa, follow instructions on bottle, and run jets for 1 hour. Replace bag. You may use this product while having houseguests preventively and to help hot tub water recover faster. You can also usedouble the dose before changing spa water seasonally or when returningfrom vacation. Do not over use. * DO NOT use simultaneously with spaperfect, or SeaKlear.


Nature 2 Spa Test Strips

Spa Test Strips for Monopersulfate, pH, and Alkalinity

These test strips test for alkalinity, PH and MPS ONLY!

You should always balance alkalinity first, then pH, as they are related yet separate aspects of the water quality. As you probably know, increasing alkalinity increases the pH, but not the other way around, which is why we test alkalinity first, and then do our adjustments.

Its not rocket science, but it does need to be fairly accurate to work correctly. So, its equally important to be sure your test kit or test strips are stored properly and not out of date. And remember, cold water testing results are not always accurate, so don't try to test new water too soon. Let it come to temperature, and then adjust, wait AT LEAST five minutes, and test again to be sure you got it right. Always adjust in small amounts, because its easier to add more than to take it away.