Shelterworks ICF System

FASWALL - A recycled wood chip/concrete ICF System for residential and commercial building. NO styrofoams!  Made In Oregon.

Shelterworks Wall System
The wall form blocks are manufactured in 24" long modular units to aid the designer.   A full block and corner block are 12" wide by 24" long by 8" tall.  They also make half blocks to ease with design and installation. They are designed to be under 30 lbs to aid the installer. Simply stack the wall forms on top of one another without mortar. The interlocking end design keeps the wall forms in place. Rebar is set both horizontally and vertically within the stacked forms prior to filling the cores with concrete. This creates a "post and beam" grid effect which makes the wall exceptionally strong. Essentially, Faswall™ is an efficient method of building a reinforced concrete wall with built-in thermal, acoustical and fire protection. Our wall-forms can be used above-grade, below-grade, for commercial or residential applications.

After World War II amidst the rubble and destruction a way was discovered to take the huge volumes of wood waste, grind it into chips, mineralize the chips to neutralize the natural sugars that cause rot, and bond them to cement to form a building block. This is the genesis of the Faswall™ ICF Wall Form.

Since then, tens of thousands of homes and commercial buildings have been built in Europe and Asia and North America with this remarkable material. This remains one of the preferred methods of building in Europe. It has been available in North America for close to 30 years. In 1987 Hans and Leni Walter of K-X Faswall International Corp. advanced the state of the art with a patented mineralization process that allows virtually any wood or cellulose fiber to be bonded to cement.



Come check out the display wall in our Garberville showroom!

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