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Natural and Organic Kapok Pillows

For those who want the feeling of down without the allergy discomforts, this is a good natural fiber and organic cotton outer pillow. Harvested in the rainforest, kapok is a natural fiber extracted from the seedpod of the kapok tree, which provides the touch and comfort of down.  Natural Kapok pillows are lighter than cotton, soft, and yet supportive. Completely moldable, these are quickly becoming our most popular pillow! Outer fabric is organic cotton. 

Imagine you’re laying your head down in a bed of luscious silk and you will know the feeling of our Kapok Pillows. The naturally silk-like kapok comes from the pod of the exotic and tall Ceiba Pentandra tree in Southeast Asia, South American, and Tropical West Africa. Some things we know you will adore with our Kapok Pillows:

The heavenly soft feel

The organic Damask outer is extremely durable, but still soft to the touch. 

This pillow compresses easily and rebounds slowly.

We recommend this pillow for anyone who enjoys a plush pillow that is also durable and low maintenance.
The lack of pressure on your ears when you lay down on this pillow as this pillow compresses easily and rebounds slowly. (put in a hot dryer for -10 minutes to refluff)
Maybe best of all:   The fact that these pillows are machine washable  and dryable!!  
Washing instructions:  
WASHING KAPOK LITE AND REGULAR FILL PILLOW - Kapok was originally used in life jacket as it is water resistant so when you wash in other than a front loader, you need to fill washer and submerge. HEAVY FILL NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MACHINE WASHING.
DRY KAPOK PILLOW - Some washers cause the kapok to clump - before putting in dryer, thru the outer, pull the kapok apart to allow the heat from the dryer to get to all the kapok.  After about 30 minutes, do this same process again if there are any clumps.  HEAVY FILL NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DRYER.


$70.00 Standard
$80.00 Queen
$90.00 King
$140.00 Body


EcoWool Woolie Ball Filled Pillows



Our Ecowool woolie ball pillows have a more supportive feel than our regular wool pillows, and does not compress like regular wool batting does. Woolie Balls naturally resists dust mites and wicks away moisture from your body. In addition to this, the wool is naturally temperature regulating and naturally bacterial and mold resistant.The organic cotton damask outer on this pillow is durable and elegant, made to last. This pillow is spot clean only.

Made in the USA by PureRest.

Standard Regular Fill     $105
Queen Regular Fill         $115
King Regular Fill            $130

Standard Extra Fill        $115
Queen Extra Fill            $125
King Extra Fill               $140


Shredded Natural Latex Pillow by Purerest

Small pieces of natural latex inside an organic cotton casing make up this popular
pillow. Many love the feel of the springiness and movability of the natural rubber pieces. Great support without ear pressure. You can tuck it under your neck, around your head... Also great for pets and kids. 

Our shredded natural rubber pillows are guaranteed to be only our tested pure Latex Green rubber. Instead of just shredding our mattress scrap, we buy super soft cores and hand shred so we can guarantee it to be softer than competitors and consistant, smaller pieces of rubber. We have the only machine wash/dry version in our organic European damask outer to make it durable enough for washing. Our knit outer version must be spot cleaned or lightly rinsed. Our knit outer version features a zipper so you can adjust the fill to your liking.

***Knit outer pictured

Damask Outer

$65  Standard
$75  Queen
$85  King

Knit Outer with Zipper

$70 Standard
$80  Queen
$90  King



Molded Natural Latex Pillow

I love this pillow! This pillow is all natural latex molded in a pillow shape and will not compress with time. Our natural rubber molded pillow is 4-5 inches in height and very flexible. The pillow molds to your neck for superior comfort and still breathes and ventilates well. The cover is a fancy organic cotton knit fabric. The pillow cradles your neck for superior comfort. Made by Purerest.

Standard $105
Queen $115


Contour Natural Latex Pillow by Purerest

Our 100% Natural Latex Contour pillow helps support and align the neck and spine. Your head, neck, shoulders and back "sense" the support and relax so you enjoy a deep, restful night's sleep and awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Cover is organic cotton and machine washable.

New Size! Standard/Queen    16 x 24


Eco Wool and Organic Pillow



This Eco Wool pillow is wrapped in pure Organic Cotton.  Non-allergenic, breathable Eco Wool naturally resists fire, mold, mildew, dust mites and bacteria. Soft wool fibers regulate temperature and won't clump or shift.  Made by PureRest.

Most people who believe they are sensitive to wool are actually sensitive to the harsh chemicals used to process wool. Our wool is processed gently with non-toxic cleaners. Wool pillows will compress 1/3 over time and are loved best by those who enjoy a flatter pillow.

Fill Weights: Standard: 20; 24, 29 oz; Queen: 24, 29, 37 oz; King: 28, 34, 45 oz.

Standard, Queen and King size comes in lite fill, regular fill, and extra fill.

Throw and Euro comes in regular fill only. (they will show up as options in drop down menu but are still ONLY available in regular fill)

Base price is for Lite fill or Regular fill and $5 upcharge for Heavy fill....

Throw 16 x 16     
Euro    26 x 26    

Drop down menu will give pricing


Certified Organic Wool Pillows

Deluxe pillow made by Purerest features an attractive Certified Organic Cotton European Damask outer fabric that is durable and soft. The wool fill comes from healthy organically raised living sheep that enjoy a stress-free life of organic food, clean environment, and good health. The resulting fleeces are sorted and washed with only hot water and vegetable-based soaps (no detergents or chlorine bleach, resulting in wool fibers that are strong and springy). Then these fibers are carded in a certified organic facility in Northern California carding facility. No other manufacturer can guarantee wool purity as they send their wool to be carded at regular carding facilities.

Wool Pillows tend to be loved best by those who like a FLAT Pillow as they do compress about one third and do not fluff back up again. For a re-fluffable Wool Pillow, try the Woolie Ball.

Fill Weights: Standard: 20; 24, 29 oz; Queen: 24, 29, 37 oz; King: 28, 34, 45 oz.


Natural and Organic Child Size Pillows

Pillows in a perfect size for small children. 14" x 20" with a light fill.  Organic Cotton Outer.  Child size pillows are really thin and are very small and very flat. 14 x 20" x 1 -2" thick!   If this is not what you are looking for - please choose a standard size pillow. 

***If you are not looking for a really thin pillow, please consider a standard size instead.***

Shredded Latex Pillow   $45

Wool Pillow                 $45

Woolie Ball Pillow          $45

Kapok                              $45


Child Size Organic Cotton Pillowcase

Organic Cotton Pillowcase that will fit your 14 x 20" size pillow. This organic pillowcase has an envelope foldover opening. White or Natural.


Organic Cotton Pillow Covers

Organic cotton covers add an extra layer of protection for your pillows. Made from a very nice 100% cotton fabric with a zip closure. Machine washable, delicate cycle, and tumble dry low.  Queen and king size are special order and may take up to 2 weeks.

Standard $45
Queen $50
King $56